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Activities for Children’s Mental Health Week and beyond

Here are some ideas to energise or inspire your primary class at the start of the day.

  1. The Gentle Morning Stretch:

This activity can be done in the classroom provided there is space and people are aware of others around them so there they don’t knock into each other accidentally.

Stretch up one arm at a time, then both arms together and then bring both arms down to almost touching one’s toes.  Uncurl the body and bring up to standing position.

Roll the shoulders, three times towards the back and then three times towards the front.

Turn your head to the right as though about to look over your shoulder.  Repeat to the left side.

Tilt head up and back and then down and return to centre.  Roll the shoulders once more and repeat the whole procedure again.

You can build in other stretches as you wish – standing on tip toes for example.

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