Would you recognise the signs of someone with poor mental health?

Would you know what to do?

Do you feel confident to help?

Please read on to find out about our training events and when our next course will be

Why is training so important?


One in four people experience mental health problems in any given year

1 in 4

Training in mental health awareness is important for anyone who works with young people.

If you are a teacher or work in a volunteer capacity with children or young adults, you are in a great place to help promote positive wellbeing, resilience & self care. 

Our training courses will help equip you with the ability to recognise the signs of mental ill health in young people; understand the nature of the different aspects of mental illness; help combat stigma and discrimination and be able to guide young people in where to gain support.


One in fifteen people in the UK will have attempted suicide at some point in their life

1 in 15

Our next course - One day Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

One of the key aims of the Molly Rose Foundation is to provide education and training to promote wellbeing among young people.  To do this we are funding a number of training courses, one of which is the one-day Youth Mental Health First Aid. 

Courses are being run in conjunction with St John Ambulance using the MHFA England accredited syllabus. We are offering this course to appropriate representatives from a broad selection of youth and education workers and volunteers as well as teachers. 

What our Next Course will cover

The Youth Mental Health First Aid Training course explores what is mental health and mental ill health; stigma and discrimination; psychosis, depression and suicide.  It will also cover aspects of anxiety and includes self-harm and eating disorders. The course will then discuss recovery and building resilience.  The course will equip one with the information and skills to be able to listen and offer support with confidence.

By the end of the course you will become a Youth Mental Health First Aid Champion and will be better equipped to answer the three questions at the top of the page by being able to recognise the signs of mental ill health; to know what to do and to feel confident to help.

“The training was absolutely fantastic and equipped me with the key knowledge and skills that I feel are fundamental in ensuring that the wellbeing of our pupils is at the heart of everything that we do.” 

Krishna Patel, Assistant Headteacher

When and where will our next course be

Our in-person training courses have now resumed and these are being run in the North London area once per month.  Please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you with details of where and when the next course(s) will be.

We are also now able to provide an online accredited version of the one day Youth Mental Health First Aid Training.  For more information on online courses please completed the enquiry form and our training department will get back to you.

How do we fund our courses and how can you register your interest?

The Molly Rose Foundation’s intention is to provide our training courses without any fees as we do not wish any organisation to be unable to participate.

However we would be happy if an organisation would make a donation to Molly Rose Foundation to help our valuable funding go further.

If you feel that you or someone else within your organisation would benefit from attending this training and be able to better support the young people they work with please click on the button below to register your interest.

Alternatively please contact us at the following email to register your interest or ask us any questions you may have.    training@mollyrosefoundation.org 


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