May 2021

The Online Safety Bill was presented to Parliament on 12th May. Read the Molly Rose Foundation’s Initial Response

The Molly Rose Foundation says government internet regulation can’t come soon enough and welcomes this important step towards a safer internet for all. A draft bill of this scale will take time to assess and it is the detail of the proposed legislation that will prove crucial.

The Online Safety Bill will be judged against the government’s stated aim to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online. The next step of pre-legislative review will prove crucial if the bill is to be a success.

It is vital to re-focus the minds of the tech platforms, to change their corporate culture and to reduce online harms. Now is the time to regulate so the platforms prioritise safety rather than profit; it is time for countries to change the internet for good.

Ultimately, if the platforms are able to continue their algorithmic exploitation, putting profit before safety, then the bill will have failed so it is vital the bill is not watered down in any way if misery is to be minimised and young and vulnerable lives are to be saved.

Molly Rose Foundation 12th May 2021

If you wish to read the details of the bill and supporting documentation please Click Here to visit the Government website

If you’re finding today difficult remember to text MRF to 85258 to message a trained volunteer. You’re never alone

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