Technology use and the mental health of children and young people

On Friday 17th January 2020 the Molly Rose Foundation was pleased to support the publication of a paper from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Their paper, ‘Technology use and the mental health of children and young people’, calls for an independent regulator to be given powers to compel technology companies to share their anonymised data with universities for independent research into the harms and benefits of social media use – to date there has only been limited data available. The Royal College also suggest that global technology companies should be subject to a levy applied to their turnover internationally, with some of this money being used to fund research into harm and benefits of their technology.

The paper also provides a sensible stocktake of the currently available information, highlights that the evidence base is still emerging and there is an urgent need for further good quality studies. Above all, despite coming from a Royal College of highly qualified mental healthcare professionals, this paper is accessible and easy to read and understand.

Click on this link to see the RCP paper:

The paper’s foreword is written by MRF Founder, Molly’s father, Ian Russell.

Metro newspaper article

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