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October 2021

Joint Select Committee publishes MRF Written Response

The Joint pre-legislative scrutiny Committee on the Draft Online Safety Bill has published the written evidence submitted by MRF.

The MRF response is summarised below:

  • The Bill should include an overarching safety Duty of Care sitting above the different safety duties proposed
  • The scope of legislation should be amended to ensure any online service able to be accessed by a young person under the age of 25 is covered by regulation
  • The definitions of illegal content should be broadened to include content that is ‘legal but harmful’ so such content is covered by regulation
  • A statutory user advocacy body should be introduced, funded by an industry levy, to make this legislation widely accessible
  • The Bill should immediately introduce personal liability for Senior Managers whose platforms consistently and significantly put young people at risk
  • Online companies should be compelled to contribute to an audited pool of anonymised data that can be used for bona fide research into how online technologies effect our offline world
  • The Bill should aim to mirror the regulations we live by in the free, offline world

To read the full MRF written evidence Click Here:

If you’re finding today hard, text MRF to 85258 to speak to a trained volunteer. You’re never alone.

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