October 2021

Global coalition letter to Facebook

Serious questions have been raised about how Facebook identifies and responds to reasonably foreseeable risks across Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram after the recent disclosures made by Frances Haugen and reported in the Wall Street Journal.

The Molly Rose Foundation are pleased to be part of a coalition of child protection organisations and experts from across the world, who have written to Mark Zuckerberg to express significant concerns about Facebook’s approach to protecting children from avoidable harm.

We jointly call on Facebook to:

  1. Share its full research on children’s mental health and well-being, and grant access to its data to independent researchers, civil society organisations and regulators.
  2. Set out what research has been conducted on how Facebook’s services and design choices contribute to child sexual abuse, and publish the findings
  3. Publish Facebook’s risk assessments
  4. Provide transparency on Facebook’s product reputational reviews
  5. Review the child protection implications of end-to-end encryption

Click Here to read the full letter:

If you’re finding today hard, text MRF to 85258 to speak to a trained volunteer. You’re never alone.


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