May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week

10th – 16th May 2021

This year the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Nature’.  Over the last twelve months getting outside and enjoying the fresh air has never seemed more important and although it has been a cold winter the brighter days are now here and soon it will be warmer too – so let’s get outside.  Here are ten ideas of what you might like to do.

  1. Get planting – be it on a balcony, in a window box, garden or allotment.
  2. Take a book and read outside.
  3. Look at the clouds – observe their shapes.
  4. Go for a walk and if it is wet splash in the puddles.
  5. Take a photo of the sunset.
  6. Create a scavenger hunt for your class or your family or for your friends. The Woodland Trust has some great ideas on how to do this.  Click Here: 
  7. Create some nature art – use twigs, pebbles, and leaves etc to create some wonderful pictures.
  8. Make a collection of natural items that would fit in a small box or jam jar.
  9. Identify ten different species of trees. The Woodland Trust can help with this.  Click here to visit their site:
  10. Identify ten different birds – not sure what you are looking at? Then click here to go to the RSPB’s website and see what the suggested answers are.

We would love you to send us your photos of what you have created or seen.  Please send these to us at

If you’re finding today hard, text MRF to 85258 to speak to a trained volunteer. You’re never alone.

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