May 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week 9th – 15th May 2022 – Loneliness

We often think that it is older people who experience loneliness, but loneliness can also affect young people.  For some people coming out of the Covid 19 Pandemic has meant a welcome return to normal life, but for others it has not been so easy. 

Apart from the pandemic, loneliness and that feeling of isolation can be brought on by a variety of things – grief, lack of support from people around one, going through a break-up, moving to a new area, starting a new school college or university and many other things. 

Loneliness is often temporary and can happen during transitional phases of life.  Click Here to go to our resource on suggested ways to cope with loneliness. 

If you are looking for an idea to support Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme of loneliness you could explore ways of opening a conversation and then role play conversations. 

If you are looking for other resources to support Mental Health Awareness Week you might want to try these websites:

The Mental Health Foundation have two helpful packs.

The first is for teachers: Loneliness – Finding our Connections – Feel Less Lonely at School Pack. To have a look at this pack Click Here. 

The second is A Student Guide to Loneliness aimed at 16+. To have a look at this pack Click Here.

Young Minds – Click Here to explore the theme of loneliness. 

The Red Cross – Click Here to explore building positive relationships and maintaining personal connections. 

If you’re struggling just text MRF to 85258 so you can speak to a trained volunteer from Shout, the UK’s Crisis Text Line service

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