January 2023

Labour pledges further online safety regulation

The Molly Rose Foundation (MRF) backs Labour’s pledge to introduce further online safety regulation in government if the Online Safety Bill is not strengthened during its passage through parliament. 

An MRF spokesperson told The Observer: “We welcome this development as Molly’s case demonstrates clearly how legal but harmful content amplified by income-generating algorithms can have fatal consequences for vulnerable people.

“It is unsatisfactory that this Bill has still not been passed into law.  It has taken far too long to get to this point with legislation already being watered down, and this risks failing our children and young adults.

“Free speech is not about the right to say whatever we want, and as Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Lucy Powell MP correctly states, the weakened Bill will give abusers a license to troll and the business models of big tech will give these trolls a platform.

“If Labour isn’t able to amend the Bill, we hope the party in government stands by its commitment to introduce further regulation to make sure the online world is safe.”

If you’re struggling just text MRF to 85258 so you can speak to a trained volunteer from Shout, the UK’s Crisis Text Line service

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