Digital safety and wellbeing kit for parents – plus safety guide for children

A digital safety wellbeing kit for parents, along with a safety guide for children, have both been produced by a trusted, reliable and informed source – the Children’s Commissioner. The safety guide helps ensure children are safe and their wellbeing is being looked after while at home during the coronavirus outbreak, when their screen time may be higher than usual.

Meanwhile, the digital safety and wellbeing kit (which has been compiled in collaboration with leading privacy law firm Schillings) provides complementary tips and guidance for parents to help protect children on a range of issues including video calling, how to ensure your device and web browser are set up and updated correctly, plus tips on best practice with your username and passwords.

The kit also contains updated guidance from the Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield’s team on their ‘Digital 5 a day’ guide, which looks at how to balance your child’s screen time and improve their wellbeing. This guide provides a range of really useful information as a framework to help children get the most from their time online and balance digital activity with overall wellbeing. It’s also a tool that parents, carers and others working with young people can use to guide, support and maintain a dialogue about time spent online during social isolation.

Here are some links to the information. Click on the text below to find out more:

Children’s Commissioner website Digital Safety and Wellbeing page

Children’s guide to staying safe online

Parent’s Guide to staying safe online

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