Create a positive Memory Jar for 2020

Create a memory jar to remember the positive things you did during this difficult time

Lisa has createad this great video to show you how to create a memory jar to preserve reminders of the positive activities you have done during these difficult times.

Take a look at how you can get started with your memory jar. Further down the page you can see some of the great jars that have been created.

Over the coming weeks we will update this page with fun activities you can do to add memories to your jar.

We would also love to see what you have been doing.  Please share your memory jar activity with the tag #MRFmemoryjar

You can also send us photographs of what you have been doing so we can add some of your great ideas and memories to this page. Please email your images to

By submitting your clip / photograph, you agree for it to be stored, and shared publicly by The Molly Rose Foundation. If you are under the age of 18 please make sure you have the consent of your parent / guardian.

Click here for some ideas on how to get started on your jar  or take a look at the videos below.

Have a great time creating your memory jar.

Take a look at these great images of Memory Jars and their contents.

Here are some more lovely images of Memory Jars and their contents.

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